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Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is famous for its royal tombs For over a thousand years, the kings, queens and nobles of the New Kingdom (1500-1070 B.C.) were buried in this valley, which is the world’s most magnificent burial ground. contains at least 63 tombs, beginning with Thutmose I (or possibly earlier, during the reign of Amenhotep I) and ending with Ramesses X or XI. including The tomb of young pharaoh Tutankhamun. It is the most famous site for having unique collections of tombs and breathtaking ancient ruins. It was founded by the third XVIIIth Dynasty king, Tuthmosis, who kept adding glory to ancient Egypt. For about 500 years of the 16th century BC. To the 11th century BC, tombs were built for the pharaohs and the most powerful nobles of the New Kingdom (18th to 20th dynasty of ancient Egypt). The valley is located on the west bank of the Nile, on the opposite bank of modern-day Thebes (Luxor), in the heart of the Theban City of the Dead.[4] The valley actually consists of two valleys, the eastern valley (where most of the royal tombs are located) and the western valley. Among the most important tombs of the Eighteenth Dynasty are the tombs of Tuthmosis I, Thutmosis III, Thutmose IV, Amenhotep II and Amenhotep III. He is the pharaoh who lived in a period of great turmoil that followed the death of the united pharaoh Akhenaton, and he died young and hastily dug an ordinary tomb that is less luxurious than others, but the most famous and rich in treasures and antiquities. Valley of  kings
Valley of  kings