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The Tombs of the Nobles

Also known as the tombs of Qubat El ‎Hawa. It is located near Luxor on the western bank of the Nile on the western bank of Aswan, Egypt They are of significant ‎importance as they give us the chance to know about the history of this section of ‎Egypt during the Old and the Middle Kingdom.contains about 50 tombs for the remains of the rulers and princes of Aswan. Inside, the walls of the tombs are decorated with reliefs depicting scenes from daily life and their biographies It also gives an idea of the architectural style of the tombs, as well as of the titles and functions held by the rulers of the south. The tombs contain rare inscriptions and drawings, including the tomb of Amenhotep, the ruler of Aswan during the Middle Kingdom. It also includes bright colors and drawings similar to the inscriptions of Queen Nefertari in western Luxor. The scenes represented on the walls of the tombs of the nobles are divided into two parts: The first: specific to funeral scenes, such as the journey of the souls of kings who became gods with the Lord of the sun or the reception of gods in the other world, and also representing the deceased by drawing close to the king and the gods with prayers and offerings, asking to accept him and help him enter the paradise of Osiris. The second: from the scenes and relates to the worldly scenes represented in the works that the deceased used to practice in his first life and which he hoped to practice in the next world, such as agriculture, fishing, fishing, birds and various industries. These tombs are numbered in the hundreds, and they are spread in the Qurna hills on the West Bank of Luxor.