Magical History

Deir Al Medinah (Workers’ Village)

The old town of Deir al-Madina arose during the modern statedating principally to Dynasties 19 and 20.  and has remains of the homes of workers and their families. Covered more than 70 houses in this village. the skilled and artists workers who constructed the tombs in the Valley of the Kings lived in this village with their families. It is situated between the high western mountain , and their tombs, in which are wonderful drawings that give vivid images of their lives and beliefs.

 the real attraction is the unique Workmen’s Village The wives of the workers cared for the children.

About 1km off the road to the Valley of the Queens is the small Ptolemaic-era temple, measuring only 10m by 15m, was built between 221 and 116 BC. It was dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of pleasure and love, and to Maat, the goddess of truth and personification of cosmic order.

Deir Al Medinah